About us

Simbas Mart, the one stop kiddies store is a brand passionate and experienced in offering babies, kiddies and nursing mums fashion and lifestyle products and services, the brand also offers  trend tips through its fashionable products as the babies and nursing mums lifestyle world evolves. Our ideology is quality-led and process driven, with creativity and attention found at every level of products and services delivery. 

The Simbas Experience

To inspire babies, kids and mums express their fashion and beauty lifestyle in every way. We believe there is always a better way for babies and mums to improve their looks whatever the period or the occasion might be, we provide them with various choices of products and services and the confidence to try new things. We make fashion and lifestyle simple, effortless and fast – around the clock whenever and however. 

The Simbas Store

Simbas understands the fact that getting the right products and services can be hectic sometimes, so we bridge the gap between our state of the art products coupled with sterling services and our amiable clients. Our store premises is in the heart Lekki Phase 1, Situated where you can’t miss it, located on  number 6, D’agora, Bisola Durosimi Etti drive, off Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Our store is spacious, occupying the ground and top floor and enables us to display a fantastic selection of our products based on their categories, giving our customers an opportunity to see, touch, feel and buy the products they desire that are available to them. With about 3 ware houses located around the city of Lagos, we pride to be one of the biggest independent retailers of baby products in Nigeria, both online and on the high street. Our vast range of products is displayed on our website here which is gradually expanding because we’ve got new stuff hitting our stores every week with life styles tips every time, your babies and kids are guaranteed to surely add a fashion item to their fashion collections every time we storm you with something new, highly fashionable and enticing. And remember we have huge stocks of quality products in our warehouses so please buy with Confidence.

With years of establishment, knowledge and experience we can virtually get hold of any products and brand in the industry. Simbas is the right place for you because we make your fantasies come true. Even when parents feel their kids are already fashionable enough, we always innovate and make you want to always remain in the fashion lifestyle trends as the fashion pages turn to new leaves from time to time. We’re your one-stop kiddies store and we’ve always got your kids’ back.